iPhone 6  - Message with captions@3x

The Chinwag Message and Conversation


Our tagline "A picture paints a thousand words but you can always add a few more..." may be a little cheesy, but its very true.


With Chinwag Messaging the picture you choose is an integral part of your message. Simply add a caption to make what you want to say complete.


Recipients can reply with their own captions. You can scroll through each to read the conversation.


Want to share the message on social media? Just select the share icon and upload to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can also save the picture, with or without caption, to you photo library on your phone.

The Chinwag Messaging Inbox


All your Chinwag messages are stored in a simple inbox.


From here you can create a new Chinwag Group or send a new Chinwag message direct to an individual.


The last sender and their caption text is shown. The total number of unread messages for each inbox item is given.


If you have subscribed, caption competitions are also listed. If you want to take part, then you can submit your captions from here, or simply look at winners from previous competitions. Competitions are free to enter; its just for fun and there are no prizes.

iPhone 7+ - Inbox @3x
iPhone 6  - Selecting a caption@3x

Chinwag Captions


When creating a new message or replying to an existing conversation, you can use a speech bubble, thought bubble, a banner or just plain text. Select, enter your message and then drag it to where you want it to be on the picture.


To enhance what you want to say, you can choose from several other caption packs. For example, if you want to say something loud, then use a LOUD SPEECH BUBBLE!

The Chinwag Timeline


Selecting a message in the inbox takes you to the timeline from where all messages associated with the Group can be quickly be viewed and selected. Each message can contain a Group conversation. In other words you can have many conversation threads ongoing within the same Group.


You can also create a new message to send to the Group here, using a picture from your phone's photo library or by taking a photo using your phone's camera.

iPhone Timeline
iPhone Grid



The Chinwag Grid View


You can toggle between a timeline and a grid view. Whichever you prefer.


With Chinwag Messaging you can also send Storyboards. These are highlighted in the timeline and grid views.


Storyboards are a collection of up to five messages, for example, recording a night out with friends. Each can have a caption, or not. Recipients can reply to one or more, if they wish.

Simple. Happy Chinwagging and thank you for your support!