1.     Why should I use Chinwag Messaging when I have other messaging apps?

Using pictures as an integral part of your message provides a fun alternative and helps convey so much more than simple text. Remember, a picture paints a thousand words, but you can always add a few more....


2.     How do I get the most out of Chinwag Messaging?

It is really up to your own imagination as to how you use Chinwag Messaging. Simply add a caption to a photo you want to share and away you go....


3.     Why do I need to give Chinwag Messaging my phone number?

We use your phone number as your unique identifier to allow you to send and receive Chinwag Messages. We promise that’s it! You won’t receive any spamming from us and we won’t ever pass on your details to anybody else.


4.     Why does Chinwag Messaging need access to my contacts and photos?

In order to give users the best experience, Chinwag Messaging needs access to your contacts so you can send messages to people you know, give recipients a name in the inbox and timeline and allow you to send Chinwags to contacts who don’t have the app installed already via SMS. By giving access to your photos, the app can create a message using an existing photo in your library.


5.     Are my messages safe? What’s Chinwag Messaging’s policy of privacy?

We take privacy very seriously and do our best to ensure your messages are kept private. To read our policy on privacy please select the privacy policy link on this website.


6.     What is a Chinwag message?

A Chinwag message is simply a picture with or without a caption superimposed.


7.     What is a Chinwag message caption and what types of captions does the app give me to use?

A Chinwag message caption allows you to integrate a personalized message onto your pictures to share with your friends and family. Chinwag Messaging gives you a variety of captions to use such as thought and speech bubbles, a banner or simply free text. The app also allows you to use various styles of caption, for example ‘loud’, ‘comic’, ‘square’ within the app. More styles will be added in time.


8.     What is a Chinwag Messaging timeline?

Your inbox displays the last Chinwag message you have received from a group or individual. A Chinwag Messaging timeline appears when you select a message from your inbox. It is a clear and concise way of showing you all your chinwags to and from each recipient or group in one place. Messages are shown chronologically. Unread messages in the timeline e.g. those with new unread captions, are highlighted with a green bar. Those that you have already read are highlighted with an amber bar. If you have lots of messages from the same group you can select the grid view to see more on one page. Selecting a Chinwag message from the timeline or grid view takes you to the full message itself, from where you can scroll through all captions on that message.


9.     What is a Chinwag group?

A chinwag group is a great way to share your pictures and captions with multiple friends and family at once. It also allows everyone to add their own captions to an existing picture or create new ones which will appear in your inbox and group timeline. By tapping the group info at the top of the timeline, anyone within the group can add new recipients, change the group name or remove themselves from the group. On iOS devices, you can also block and unblock people from here too. You can see a list of people you've blocked from the Settings page.


10.  How do I create a new Chinwag group?

Whilst in the inbox, select the Chinwag icon in the top right hand corner. After creating a message you will be asked to enter recipients. At this point you can also create a Group name if you wish.


11.  How do I create a new Chinwag message within an existing group?

Select the group in the inbox and then select the Chinwag icon in the top right hand corner of the timeline or grid view screens.


12.  Is there a quick way to respond to a Chinwag message?

Whilst viewing the message just double tap the caption you want to respond to.


13.  How do I add someone to a Chinwag group?


If you want to add someone to a Chinwag group simply go to your Chinwag inbox, select the group you wish to add someone to then tap the group name at the top of the screen, then select add recipient.


If you want to add someone to a Chinwag group simply go to your Chinwag inbox, select the group you wish to add someone to then tap the group info option in the menu, then select add recipient.


14.  How can I submit feedback on Chinwag Messaging?

Just send us an email to feedback@chinwagmessaging.com. We welcome any feedback you want to give – good, indifferent or bad.


15.  Where can I get support from or more information?

We will gladly provide you with any support you need as quickly as we can. Simply send us your query to support@chinwagmessaging.com.


16.  How do I share a Chinwag Message to an email, Twitter or Facebook for example?

Simply select the share icon when displaying a message and select  where you want your Chinwag message to go. The message will include the last added caption.


17.  How do I save a Chinwag Message to my photos?

You can do this again by using the upload icon when displaying a message. You have the option to save your message with or without the last caption. On the Settings page, you can select to save all you chinwag  images, without captions, automatically to your phone's photo album.


18.  How do Chinwag Caption Competitions work?

From time to time we will send out Chinwag Caption Competitions. They are just for fun and there are no prizes. Its free to enter and you can enter as many times as you like. All entries are sent to us anonymously i.e. we won't know who they're from.  If you think of an amusing caption, just reply and we'll select the ones that made us laugh and share them as our winners, a few days later.  If you don't want to take part and just receive the competition messages, then that's fine. If you don't want to see the messages, just simply unsubscribe via the Settings page. For further information, please go to our Terms of Use page on this website.


19.  Can I send Chinwag messages to contacts who don't have Chinwag Messaging installed?

Yes and we’d love you to! If a recipient hasn’t got Chinwag Messaging installed, then the app will send them an SMS prompting them to download it to see and reply to their message.


20.  What in-app purchases are there and how do I purchase them?

We only have one in-app purchase and that's to remove advertising.


21.  What is a Chinwag storyboard?

With the storyboard facility you have the ability to send up to five Chinwag messages in one go. So if you want to send your friends multiple messages covering a memorable night out, for example, each having a caption attached or not, then storyboard is for you.


22.  Why do you have advertising in the app?

We thought about this long and hard. We know that advertising can be annoying but we have to try and cover our costs in some way. We’ve attempted to make it non-intrusive and you can always remove advertising by choosing the in-app upgrade.


23.  What features are you thinking of adding in the future?

We have lots of ideas and plan to make sure the app is continuously improved – hopefully through user feedback. Feel free to email us with feature ideas at features@chinwagmessaging.com.


24.  Which devices and versions of software can Chinwag Messaging be used on?

Presently we have launched Chinwag Messaging for Android and iOS devices. For Android we support back to version 4.4 (API level 19) and support iOS 8 onwards. It goes without saying that you can send Chinwag messages across platforms seamlessly.


25.  How do I restore my messages, for example, if I upgrade my phone?

When you reinstall the app and sign up with the same phone number, your old messages will be restored for you. You can also restore any in-app purchases made at any point.


26.  How do I change my display name or group names?

You can change your display name in the contacts screen by pressing the change button next to your display name. Group names can be changed from the group info area at the top of the timeline page.


27.  Will I be charged for data roaming?

Think of Chinwag Messaging as you do email and web browsing on your phone. While roaming you may be charged for using Chinwag messaging and other data. If you’re unsure contact your service provider for details on your roaming charges.


28.  How do I leave a group?


If you want to leave a Chinwag group simply go to your Chinwag inbox, select the group you wish to leave then tap the group name at the top of the screen, then select leave group.


If you want to leave a Chinwag group simply go to your Chinwag inbox, select the group you wish to leave then tap the group info option in the menu, then select leave group.


29.  What happens if I leave a Group?

If you leave a group in Chinwag Messaging you will no longer be able to receive Chinwags from the group unless someone else adds you back in.


30.  How do I hide all messages from a Group or individual?


Simply swipe to the left on the relevant inbox item and select the hide icon, then confirm.


Simply swipe the relevant inbox item and then confirm.


31.  What happens if I hide all messages from a Group or individual?

All Chinwag messages associated with the recipient or Group will disappear from your inbox. Note that if the recipient or Group member then replies to a caption, that specific Chinwag message will reappear in your inbox with all caption history on that specific message included again.


32.  Can I remove a single Chinwag message?


Yes. This can be done from the timeline or grid views by selecting ‘Remove Images’ from my device option.


Yes. This can be done from the timeline or grid views by tapping and holding on the image you wish to remove.


33.  How do I receive push notifications?


When you first download the app you will be asked if you would like to receive push notifications from Chinwag messaging. iOS provides three types of notifications: sounds (an audible alert), alerts/banners (an alert or banner appears on the screen) or badges (a badge appears on the application icon). These can be selected in your iPhone settings. Go to iPhone settings > notifications > chinwag messaging. If you wish to receive notifications for when your phone is locked, enable show on lock screen.

You can also enable notifications from the Settings page.


It just happens as part of Android.


34.  Can I block or unblock a contact?

Yes, but only on iOS presently. You can do this from the group information page. A list of who you've blocked can be accessed from the Settings page.


35.  How do I delete my account?

We can do this for you.  Just send us your number via support@chinwagmessaging.com.


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