The Chinwag Messaging app provides a fun and intuitive alternative to message family, friends and colleagues. Simply personalise a picture with a speech bubble, thought bubble, banner or just free text and send. That’s it. Recipients can reply with their own captions, creating a caption conversation. Received and sent Chinwag messages are stored in a simple inbox for easy retrieval, viewing and responding.


It’s up to your own imagination as to how Chinwag Messaging is used, but examples include sending a personalised party invite with a RSVP, a thank you note, a holiday postcard, a personalised birthday card, a storyboard covering an event, a caption competition, send directions / location share or simply use it as we do; to chinwag. 


The app is always on so you won’t miss messages and even if you’re offline Chinwag Messaging will save your recent messages until you’re online. The basic Chinwag Messaging version is free to download, but purchase upgrades to gain a range of additional functionality to personalise the way you message in the future.


A picture paints a thousand words, but you can always add a few more....

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