Early in 2015 my sons and I kicked around an idea for an app. Something to bring a different angle to messaging. A fun way to chat.


The idea grew to a point where we either forgot about it or went for it. Knowing you regret the things you don’t do more than you do do, we decided to set up Jomoco Ltd in October 2015 and make it a reality. It’s now mid 2016 and Chinwag Messaging is launched.


We’ve asked ourselves what success for Chinwag Messaging would look like. ‘One of us seeing someone using the app on the tube in London and smiling’ is what we’ve set or sights on. Not very scientific we know, but the perfect goal for us. We’ll take someone using it on the New York subway, the Japanese bullet train or a Sherpa in Nepal! We’re not fussy. And we’ll let you know if and when it happens.


If you’ve downloaded the app, where ever you are, thank you for your support and happy Chinwagging! A big thanks also to the mobile app development team at Brightec who took our design and moulded it to work in the iOS and Android worlds.


Paul, James, Michael & Chris.